Adventures in Smutty Ebook Distribution – Part 2

(continued from the ‘parent page’)   (I’ve split this into two parts because whenever my posts get too long, WordPress doesn’t want to break up the paragraphs and this ends up leaving a big wall-of-text… no matter how many times I hit ‘enter’. This is why my ‘Shits and Giggles’ post contains random walls-of-text and makes me look like I’m too stupid to know where the ‘enter’ key is. ETA: whoops – I deleted my Shits n’ Giggles post so never mind.)

8. February 6, 2014: I have finally transferred all my ebooks to Smashwords for sales and premium distribution.

Since Smashwords doesn’t yet distribute to Amazon (unless your ebook sells 1000+ copies via Smashwords, I think) I have also uploaded directly to the Kindle program.

I have sold over 1,000 copies of BND, but that was while it was being distributed via D2D. Shucks.

ETA: found out that Smashwords doesn’t distribute to Amazon unless you sell $2,000 worth via Smashwords. Sheesh! I don’t think that’s gonna happen for me; although I’ve sold maybe 2 or 3 ebooks so far through Smashwords. Pitiful, eh? 😛

So what’s next? Time will tell… I’ll let y’all know the next time my ebook(s) get banned or blocked.

ETA 10/26/14:  Hello there. I’ve had a bad case of burn-out for the last 6 months. Wonder why?  🙂



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