Author’s Biggest Mistake or the Right to Identify a Proven Troll?

This post is lengthy and makes several points.

First off, I know that this is a no-no for authors. Secondly, I don’t much care considering that not only is this person messing with me, but she’s also messing (in subtle ways) with my readers–something that truly pisses me off. I don’t like my readers or fans to be intimidated by an Amazon troll with an (obvious-as-hell) agenda.

Ahem. Unfortunately, some lady has taken it upon herself to ‘stalk’ my BND books in order to ensure her *pearl-clutching* 1-star reviews are noticed on Amazon. Each screenshot must be clicked to be enlarged.

First review of hers, a personal attack (of me) on the first 5 chapters (free ebook) of BND:

review 1

Yes. I am sick and twisted. And… furthermore, where exactly did I state in the book that *rape* is okay? Hm? When/where did I ever imply that it was okay to rape anyone?

Now, she has taken her personal attack to the full novel of BND (it wasn’t enough to clutch pearls regarding the first 5 chapters–but truly, guys, you have NOT seen the half of it yet, I promise you):

review 2

(remember to click to enlarge–this pic shows her newest review on the full novel–naturally it’s NOT an Amazon-verified purchase).

Furthermore, you will absolutely NOT believe this shit (it’s utterly laughable, really) that this very same reviewer, named Orria, has–are you ready for this? You WILL be quite amused and amazed at the very same time:

Check out this review below (this review is of *another book* and the review is NOT written by the mysterious ‘Orria’–I will explain this later–just click the review and read it):

different book with similar themes as mine

Below, here’s the book (mentioned directly above) that includes RAPE scenes (this review is written by Orria–yes Orria, the same chick who hated BND and shamed me for my book’s rape scenes):

Here it is - her review of a different 'rape' book

Okay, so another book that contains *RAPE* has been 5-starred by ‘Orria’, the same person who 1-starred my (free) Boy Next Door – First 11 Days ebook, and then also 1-starred the full novel 4 weeks later without either purchasing it or reading it.  So it’s okay for her friend “Nicky’s” book to involve rape, but my particular book is utter ‘filth‘ and ‘trash‘ and I’m a ‘sick and twisted‘ person for writing such… such… appalling material.

Wow. This is quite an interesting double standard.   😉

Message to Ms. Troll: Sorry, but phony people like you will never, ever discourage me from writing what I want. Plenty of people love these themes including myself… and apparently including you as well, Ms. ‘Orria’. And tell your friend ‘Nicky’ that I wish her good luck with her books. 🙂

Thank you Stephenie Meyer and EL James for your books which have placed those little pearl-clutchers right in their place (irrelevance), so more readers can feel comfortable reading what they wish, instead of being harassed/parented by Mommy and Daddy, and those with agendas/thought police/twats who believe their opinions are RULE and anyone who writes or reads outside the boring-ass norm of books are therefore SICK, TWISTED FOLKS WHO NEED THEIR HEADS EXAMINED.

*this particular rant deleted–it went too far–yes I need to OWN my words, but enough is enough. However, I’ve left some of my further rants below.*

Update:  It’s come to my attention that Orria and her friends/sockpuppets have taken the time to down-vote every. single. rating on Boy Next Door; every rating 3 stars and above.

I mean–really? How spiteful and pitiful of you troll(s).

My god, even the 3-star reviews weren’t spared, for Christ’s sake. One of my very first 5 star reviews ended up voted as 1 out of 5 helpful. How shitty. What the fuck has ‘B.’ (reviewer who is one of the sweetest people on GR) ever done to you? And there were several voted as 0 out of 1 and 0 out of 2 as helpful (again–all 3 stars and above). Jesus H. Christ, don’t you Amazon trolls have a life whatsoever?

And here’s a clue: just because you can’t stand fiction with socially unacceptable themes, does not give you the right to SHAME the author or readers who enjoy it. So go take your self-righteous indignation bullshit somewhere else. Go join a protest march or something, instead of sitting at home trolling the internet like some loser.

Now… Average rating on BND on Amazon tonight (as of Jan. 2, 2014) is currently 4.1 stars:

reviews 4.1 bnd

So the only 1 star review was written by Orria. At some point I expect an influx of further 1-star reviews due to my post above. But this (screen shot) PROVES that my average was 4.1 stars tonight (1-2-14), and that any future 1-star carpet-bombing will obviously be written by trolls simply as revenge for my ranty post.

Update 1-11-14: no carpet-bombing nonsense yet. Out of 2 new reviews on Amazon, so far the average only fell to 3.7 or 3.9.

So–I HATE it when trolls attack my readers/friends and fans. I can’t stand it. I’ll do my best to report trolls to Amazon. I’ve dealt with this kind of BS in the past, and I won’t put up with it now.

It’s bad enough for me to be personally attacked in a review, but the gloves are OFF if it involves my READERS. There’s just no sense in it.


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