Boy Next Door – First 11 Days – hits #40 in Crime Fiction!

#40 in Kindle - Mystery Thriller & Suspense - #4,070 in FREE - BND First 5 Chapters

On Jan. 5 2014, this is the free ‘abbreviated’ ebook of BND, at #40 in Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Crime Fiction. The FREE sales rank is #4,070, which is only 2,549 points above the ‘paid‘ sales rank of the full novel. If I tweaked the categories on the novel, the sales rank should be #66 in Crime Fiction.

Note: BND The First 11 Days is the exact same ebook as Boy Next Door, except the former contains only the first 5 chapters. I use this short version as a ‘teaser’ to help promote the full novel. I try to keep the ‘teaser’ FREE as long as I can. When the Kindle Select free promo gets used up, I un-publish the teaser ASAP. If you ever purchase the teaser by accident, you can get a refund within 7 days on Amazon. I wanted to make the teaser perma-free but haven’t yet figured a way to do it. The last time I tried, it didn’t work (Chosen Part I was the last ebook I attempted). I haven’t enrolled the full novel in Kindle Select because free ebooks are no longer an effective way to gain more readers (unless the ebook is first in a series and links to the sequel). I learned that the hard way, and now I must use more creative methods to promote my ebooks, hence using this ‘teaser’ ebook.

Click the cover below to get the free teaser. If it’s NOT free, check back later. Newest promo is scheduled from Jan. 10 to Jan. 15. However, Amazon is sometimes a little late in marking down the price.

BND Sample book cover (2)AwardOne

Next promo will probably be early in February.

Alternatively, you may get the free teaser ebook on goodreads as well. Click the cover.BND First 11 free promoGoodreads Edition

Warning: This is the kind of book you’ll either love, or love to hate.

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