Goodreads Reviews of Boy Next Door

REVIEWS! And other stuff.

The reviews of BND are very, very entertaining. They are a MUST read! 😛

There’s even a review with a GIF of American Psycho. < < I consider that a massive compliment! (and from what I’ve seen, usually the really popular books have GIF-laden reviews, lol). Tickle-me-pink, hehe.



Oh, and this too: Diva’s Discussions

And this: My Secret Romance Reviews  (Thank you Lee Anne!)

You guys are really trying to spread the word!!! I am beyond grateful, honestly. Thanks to certain awesome peeps, I have fans/readers not only in the U.S., but also the UK, India (I think) and Australia!  I have even made a lot of close friends–who I consider BFFs. Y’all know who you are, and I you.

Slowly but surely–y’all are making my dreams come true (though you’re certainly not obligated to).

* * *

*This part was deleted due to too much negativity which doesn’t belong on this page. If you’d like to read anyhow, I’ve moved the post here. Besides, the negativity had absolutely nothing to do with goodreads, a site where I’ve encountered nothing but wonderful readers (as with any site there are trolls, but on GR they’re very low in number). Cheezy as it sounds, I thank god almost every day for finding goodreads—that’s how much I love this site. Even most of my bad reviews aren’t annoying, but humorous, entertaining and perfectly harmless. It’s best if an author does not take themselves so seriously, and not take everything about their books personally.*

BND’s sales rank tonight (eta: Ah, the good old days when my ebooks were selling well!):

sales rank BND#18,300 in PAID Kindle!

BND’s rank in late December 2013:

sales Dec     #14,313 in PAID!

(6 weeks after release)


#7,939 in Paid!

(7 weeks after release)

Best ranking bnd

#6,619 in Paid!


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