Troll First 3 Books – Bundled Edition

TROLL First 3 Books is an erotic short of 15,400 words (ebook is 50 pages; print version is 100 pages). Includes graphic sexual content.

Note: No new material has been added. This bundled edition contains the first 3 books of the Troll series.

Twenty-one-year-old Kyla Adkins frequents the Internet in search of her soul mate.

While online, she meets hot and devilishly handsome Justin Brogan. Dangerous, arrogant and quite psychotic, Justin hacks into Kyla’s computer and soon he controls everything, including her heart and her life.

* * *

Interior screenshot of the print version:


Hehe, see the mouse pointer I placed on the chapter header? Cool, eh? 🙂

Bundled print cov


I’ll be doing a giveaway soon on Goodreads for the paperback. Link coming soon!

Links to ebook version:




Goodreads Page

And even though it’s an utter waste of time, here’s the print version


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