Upcoming – Updated (Again)


Hey guys,

I’ve been doing better the last few weeks so thought I’d give an update here. The last post was pretty depressing, so sorry for that. I’m just one of those emotional moody types with a vast history of issues and baggage. Got my feelings hurt on a certain game forum – now I feel silly about the whole thing, to be perfectly honest. As always I overreacted.

Fun times.

Anyhow, like I said I’ve been feeling better, and I’ve been writing more (finally, dammit – writing is like a form of therapy for me and I go crazy if I can’t create stories). As I mentioned in my previous post (now thankfully trashed where it belongs) I’ve started a Fantasy story with 4000 words so far. No promises if it’ll ever get released, because I’ve already made enough promises that I haven’t kept and I still feel guilty over it.

But I will say this: I will NOT release any ebook from a series until the whole series is 100% complete, even if it’s 10 separate books. I will write and edit them first. Then and only then I will publish them to Kindle etc., and probably release a sequel every 3 weeks (again they will already be written). Does this make sense? That way there will be no more broken promises regarding ebook release dates. Everything will be published in a timely, professional manner – not years down the road unlike the TROLL series.

My plan (hope) is to complete a novel-length ebook, and yes, split it up into a few parts. Why? Because more books = more readers, it’s that simple. But I’m not in this for the money, ’cause trust me, it doesn’t pay enough for the effort put into it. xD  All I know is that I love writing and it makes me crazy if I can’t write due to writer’s block or stress. O_0

Summary: No promises if my WIP Fantasy story will ever be published, however if I DO write another series I’ll ensure each and every ebook is already written and edited BEFORE I begin publishing them.



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